When you squeeze your own citrus, you’re paying for more than the fruit.

Here are 5 hidden costs of squeezing your own citrus:



Depending on how much you pay your hourly workers, it can cost anywhere from $4-$6* in labor costs alone to squeeze 24.5 ounces of lime juice. That doesn’t include time to prep and clean equipment.

*Labor cost @ $14.62/hour



Citrus shelf life depends on many factors — when and where the fruit was picked, how it’s been stored, etc. It’s estimated at least 10% of all citrus will spoil before it’s used. Each bottle of Industry Juice has a 90-day refrigerated shelf life.


Unpredictable yield.

Citrus juice yield is highly variable due to size of fruit, season, growing time, etc. Even fruit that’s the same size can yield different amounts. This makes it nearly impossible to predict your citrus program. Industry Juice eliminates the guess work, so you’ll have more control of your costs.


Inconsistent quality.

When squeezing fruit on premise, lots of factors can influence the quality, from food safety to overall taste. When a batch is tainted, it must be tossed or you’re at risk. With Industry Juice, you don’t have to worry. Our product is FSMA-compliant and delivers consistent brix and PH levels for quality flavor every time.


Water, disposal, storage, etc.

For every ounce of juice squeezed onsite, you’re spending on average $0.03 per ounce on cleaning, rind disposal, water, dishwasher and storage. These costs add up over time.

Stop the squeeze.

When you do the math, squeezing your own citrus costs more at $0.59 cents per ounce, compared to Industry Juice at $0.50.* Plus, you’ll no longer have to worry about navigating drastic fluctuations in citrus prices. With Industry Juice, it’s the same price every time. You’ll have more control and predictability to run your business and better quality juice for your cocktails.

* Industry Juice Lime and Lemon Juice Study: A Comparison of On-Premise Juicing Versus Purchased Service, February 7, 2018.

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