Industry Juice® is the superior juice solution for the food and beverage world.


Does your juice really taste fresh?
Ours does. Seriously.

Fresh citrus is the foundation for many authentic handcrafted cocktails. True cocktail connoisseurs demand the bright flavors that only fresh juice can deliver.

Industry Juice is pure,100%, all-natural, fresh-squeezed, micro-filtered, cold pressed juice. Just pure goodness—never frozen, not from concentrate and no additives or preservatives.

Amazing taste and deliciously safe.
How is that possible?

Industry Juice is extracted through the cold-pressed method which preserves natural flavors and high nutritional value. Never heated, Industry Juice offers exceptional taste and a longer shelf life through High Pressure Processing (HPP) – an innovative technology that uses pressure to ensure quality and food safety.

Using raw, unpasteurized juice can be a food safety liability. The typical go-to-solution is heat pasteurized juices, but while these cooked juices are safe to drink, they lose all the natural elements of fresh pressed juices.

How does Industry Juice help my bar team?

Fresh squeezing citrus is a badge of honor for any craft cocktail program, but fresh is a mess and expensive to do for each service.

Think about this. We’ll source the fruit and ride the wild swings in citrus prices. We eliminate the waste ever present with fresh squeezing. Bottom line – we offer you a safe, consistent product at a contracted price. Last and definitely not least – your team. Do they really like squeezing juice? Wait. You know the answer.

Pain Point:

70% of cocktails recipes require the use of citrus and other juices to complete their formulation. True craft-made cocktails require honest, fresh juice, historically done on-premise.

Juicing on-premise is labor-intensive, has embedded volatility risk to yield and price, and suffers short shelf life and food safety risks.

The Industry Juice Solution:

● 100% all natural, cold-pressed juice
● Eliminates harmful bacteria utilizing
● Innovative HPP technology
● Zero labor solution
● Free of added sugars, preservatives and GMO
● Flavor matched only by on-premise juice
● Zero waste with 90-day shelf life
● Consistent BRIX (sweetness) levels
● Consistent yield
● Documented pH & on each bottle
● Never heated, not from concentrate
● Disruptive distribution model with direct ship option

I’m done squeezing.
How do I get some Industry Juice?

Industry Juice is deliciously simple to receive. We press. We ship. You pour. From our press to your bar.

We ship anywhere in the Continental U.S. Industry Juice always delivers. Industry Juice is shipped with a 100% recyclable liner, biodegradable air pillows, and reusable, non-sweat gel packs to keep your juice deliciously cold and fresh.

Live well and get yours here.

Efficient delivery of fresh-squeezed, cold-pressed juice…at a consistent, contracted price.